In my hot little hands

This is one of my favorite parts of designing book covers: actually getting to hold the books in my hand when they're produced. This time around, it's two terrific novels from two of my favorite indie authors, Michael Bunker and Hugh Howey. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.44.39 AM.png

Holding a book you've designed the wrapper for is almost  as satisfying as holding your own novel in your hands. Satisfying in a different way. 

WICK  is a nice, hefty, glossy-cover paperback. It's got some serious weight to it, just like Michael's prose. And Half Way Home , on the other hand, demonstrates what it's like to be Hugh Howey – it's sporting a lovely matte cover, and is almost silky to the touch. Just like Hugh himself. Or so I've heard. 

I think it's time to start putting together a bookcase specifically for authors whose books I've wrapped. There are more and more each month, and the books keep getting better and better, too.