Loosed Upon the World

Not one but two posts about "Quiet Town." In the last post, I mentioned that the story had been published in April's Lightspeed Magazine; now I can announce the story's second act, which will come in August. 

On September 15, "Quiet Town" will appear again... this time in Loosed Upon the World, a new anthology of climate fiction from Hugo Award-winner John Joseph Adams. The collection includes stories by many authors far more talented than me, among them Margaret Atwood, Paolo Bacigalupi, Tobias Buckell, Karl Schroeder, Nancy Kress, Kim Stanley Robinson, and several others. 

It's fair to say that I've read some of these authors for years, in particular Ms. Atwood, of whom I'm a massive, massive fan, and that I'm flabbergasted to be included in a book with any of them, much less all of them. 

The book is available for preorder now all over the place—retail links are here, if you want to start stocking up early!