A good mail day

Monday was a federal holiday here in the States. Martin Luther King Day. No work that day, no post office, etc. Squish and I spent most of the day together, while Felicia and her mother had a nice day out, eating great food all over town. When we all reconvened at home later, there was a gold sticker on the door. DHL had come by with some unknown package, but nobody answered. No worries; they'd try again the next day.

Tuesday I'm back at work, and through simple bad timing, Felicia, her mother, and Squish were all away from the house when the DHL truck returned. Another yellow sticker; another 'we'll try again tomorrow'. Still no idea what the package is. 

Today, however: success! 

Unknown package jackpot: My early hardcover copies of HarperCollins's UK edition of the book. Between this gorgeous book and Crown's, I'm an extremely happy little author. 

Jason GurleyComment