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Ask Me Anything (Reddit /r/Fantasy)

Note: The AMA has begun! Click here to ask a question. I'll be watching throughout the day, then back at 5pm Pacific to answer questions in real-time.

On Thursday, April 21, I'll be joining Reddit's Fantasy community for an AMA. That is, an "Ask Me Anything" session. If you're familiar with these, please come participate! If you're not, this is a live Q&A session where you can ask me just about anything you like — questions about one of my books, what I'm working on now, what I think of the new Superman movie — and I'll give you a suitably rambling answer. It's a fun way for me to chat with readers and fantasy lovers, and get to meet some of the folks who have read my work. Whether you're a current Reddit user or not, I hope you'll come join!

If you're new to Reddit's Fantasy community, or to the AMA process in general, the moderators of /r/Fantasy have provided a terrific guide to getting started