Cover art for The Movement Series

The great Greg Martin is graciously designing the artwork for my science fiction trilogy, The Movement Series. (I ran out of good g words for that sentence, or that could have been a feat of alliteration.) Recently, Greg sent me the final art for the first book in the trilogy, The Settlers. The only thing holding up the book's publication now is -- well, me. I just have to finish writing it (almost there), and make sure it's well-edited (the fun part).

But there's nothing wrong with a sneak peek of what's coming, right? Check out the cover for The Settlers:


Let's hope my book can live up to this cover! That's one thing I can't say enough -- Greg's art makes me look legit.

Also, to make it easier for readers to tell the difference between a novel and a short story from the series, the covers for Onyx and Soma will be updated as well. They'll follow the same visual structure, but they'll be white instead. That ought to create a nice shorthand: white titles are short stories, black titles are novels. These will still feature Greg's art as well, so that the entire line of covers feel equally epic in scale.


Other than producing a well-written, well-edited book, one of the biggest challenges facing the average independent author is book cover design. I consider myself fortunate to know an artist who is beyond talented and generous. There's nothing about these book covers that screams self-published.