Up all night, or something

My daughter is nearly fifteen months old. Since the day she was born, late nights have been a reality around these parts. Two a.m. feedings, burpings, changings. Pacing about, soothing her back to sleep. These days, she sleeps through the night very well -- has for months, actually. But me? I'm still up.

There aren't a lot of hours in the day to spend writing books. Whether you're a parent, working a full-time job, or both, there are always more important and urgent things to do. What you sometimes forget is that, if you're an independent author, the few hours you're able to steal here and there have to be shared between writing and the business of writing. There are tweets to be tweeted, and statuses to be posted, and reports to be run, and ads to be paid for, and books to be formatted, and covers to be designed, and books to be reformatted, and edits and revisions and rewrites and -- you get the idea.

It's a lot to keep straight, and sometimes all you really want to do is write the next chapter.

For me, writing hours start at ten p.m. Occasionally they start a little later. And their value really depends on how long the day has been. Sometimes I'll get up at five a.m. and write for awhile before I leave for work.

Tonight's a late night. I'd promised myself a big score tonight. Five thousand words, I told myself. That's ambitious for most writers, and tonight, it was more than I could handle. Actually, it turned out that one word was more than I could handle. I didn't write a single word.

Instead, I worked on the business-of-writing stuff. Today, the cover artwork for my trilogy's second and third books arrived. So I did a few things with that. And I reworked some of the interior content of a few of my titles, updating the also by list and the bio, and providing easy access to some feedback tools for readers, and so forth.

Lovely, aren't they? Artwork by the talented Greg Martin.

I started working on all of that at about 10:15. It's 1:30 a.m. now, and there's still a bit to be done. But I'm going to put it off until tomorrow's late night, I think. I may be living on four hours of sleep these days, but I'd like to see if I can get just a little more tonight. Tomorrow, my daughter and I are spending most of the day together. I've got some fun things planned, and I'd love to be awake for at least a few of them.

Maybe the late night after the next late night I'll make a little progress on The Colonists. The character I'm writing currently is one of the most interesting yet.

Late nights, yo.