Where is The Colonists?

(It feels weird to write it that way. Shouldn't it be where are The Colonists? Well... no. We're talking about a novel, not actual hordes of people. So. Okay.) Well, The Settlers has been out for two weeks now, and people are actually reading it. The first few Amazon reviews are starting to appear, and so far they're flattering and good. (If you haven't read it yet, then go ahead. I'll wait. Here you go.)

A few people have asked about the sequel, so I thought I'd give a little progress update, and maybe a few little teasers.

The Colonists will be about 50,000 words long, give or take. In the realm of epic novels, it's of modest length. (The Settlers was 52,000, I think.) But I like to think that all three books together will be quite epic in their own way, and will add up to something hefty.

In any case, I've written about 28,000 of those words, which puts the book slightly past the halfway mark. I'm moving quickly, so with any luck, the first draft will be done in about two weeks. (And if that strikes you as fast, let me just point out that the entirety of The Settlers took only three weeks to write. So I'm slowing down in my old age.)

So now for the fun question: What can you expect from Book 2 in The Movement Trilogy?

Let's see what I can tell you that won't spoil things too much...

  • The Colonists picks up about 300 years after the events of The Settlers.
  • That means that everybody you met in The Settlers is dead, of course.
  • Well, except for Tasneem. She's special, as we know.
  • And David. Yep, David is still around.
  • The class structure still exists. If you're Onyx-class, you're privileged. If you're Machine-class, you're blue-collar and rather oppressed. Fun!

I'd share more, but man, it's so much fun to reveal these things within the book itself. But if you really can't wait for me to finish the book, that's alright. There are two short stories from The Colonists available on Amazon.

Nebulae is the story of Ansel Agusti, a Citadel operative on a very classified, very long mission. What he discovers around Neptune's moon, Triton, may turn the tables in the Onyx vs. Machine class system.

Asiel is the reintroduction of Tasneem and David, who are off the grid and hiding out in the asteroid belt, struggling to awaken a spirit of rebellion in a tired, brainwashed people. David, though, may have a secret that changes the course of history forever.