Eleanor is not a trilogy


Not too long ago I celebrated the completion of the first book in my Eleanor  series. I've been working on this story for practically my entire adult life, and finishing that first book was a mighty moment. 

Since then, as the book has been sitting, and as my lovely beta readers have combed through it and reported back, I've found myself wondering about the series approach. Was Eleanor  really supposed to be a series? The first book answered a few big questions, but it left a great mystery unexplored. Was that any way to finish a book? Cliffhangers are well and good, but this seemed like something else. It felt like an episode without a resolution.

After much though, it has become clear to me that this book is not intended to be a series at all, but that Eleanor's story is a single, large, sprawling novel. Which means -- and I'm dismayed to say this, too! -- that the book will not be released in November as I had planned. Instead, I'm going to tell the entire story, and release it as a single volume early next year.  

More than anything, I want this book to be worthy of the years I've spent working on it.  I believe that it will be worth the small additional wait. I hope that when it's truly ready, you'll agree.  

(What does that mean for beta readers? Please keep reading -- your feedback is still extremely useful as I edit and keep writing!)