Just a little cosmetic surgery

The beauty of being an indie author is having control over your own book covers – something that authors traditionally have had little influence over. And the beauty of being an indie author with a design career is being able to create your own covers exactly the way you imagine them. 

After revisiting Eleanor's cover recently, I thought it would be interesting to give my other books a quick polish. The Man Who Ended the World is the story of the apocalypse, but its original cover doesn't really communicate that. I have a soft spot for that cover – it's understated and very cool – but at first glance, it doesn't really hint at what's inside its pages. 

Here's a look at the two covers – the original one on the left, and the new one on the right:


While I was at it, I touched up the covers for my Movement books as well – The SettlersThe Colonists and the upcoming final book in the series, The Travelers. These books were given a more subtle facelift, but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out as well. 

Here's the original covers for the series:


And here's the updated set:


I'm excited to attack the final book in that series once Eleanor is finished. It's going to go in some really interesting, unexpected directions. I've been jotting down notes every week for months now, and even I'm a little surprised by the turn The Travelers has taken. 

What do you think of the new book covers?