Now selling pre-made book covers

I'm a relatively busy guy these days, so more often than I'd like, I have to turn down book cover projects that come my way. (It's not always easy -- so many of them are wonderful stories that I'd love to wrap up in a beautiful cover.) 

As an alternative option for authors who are a) working with a narrow budget, b) publishing a book quickly, or c) intent on having "a Jason Gurley cover" (it's flattering to hear this, I have to say!) but can't wait six months for a hole in my schedule, I've put together a selection of pre-made book covers. They're quite affordable, they're available for just about any format an author might need (ebook, paperback, audio book), and after plugging in an author's name, book title, and other copy, they're publication-ready. 

Check them out! There are some really gorgeous covers there, waiting to be snapped up!