Back in the world

Felicia and I just returned from a weekend away, and this was a nice surprise to come back to -- Greatfall  is the number one book in Kindle Worlds today!

But the real pleasure of coming back home was hugs and kisses from Squish, who spent the weekend goofing off with my parents. This was our first time going away without her -- at least for more than a couple of hours for date night -- and I think it stunned both of us how much we couldn't wait to come home to her again. 

I've also come home to a number of cover design inquiries from some very talented authors. If you sent me a request for a cover this weekend, hang tight -- I'm working my way through emails, and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible! 

Also of note today -- it looks like Will Swardstrom's shlocky horror-comedy Ant Apocalypse  was released today. I had the pleasure of designing the cover for this killer little story, and it's quite different from my usual work. Head over to Amazon to check it out, and grab a copy while you're at it. Congrats to Will on the release!