A conversation with Hugh Howey

I've had the good fortune for much of the last few months to get to know Hugh Howey. He's a New York Times  bestselling author who recently sold his millionth book, and what's most interesting about Hugh is that he did all of this himself -- he's an independent, self-published author with a regular-guy vibe. 

 Hugh and I talked for awhile about what authors are afraid of, who inspired some of his strongest characters, and robotic bedpans. It's a very in-depth look at an author who has made hundreds of thousands of readers very happy, and is content to remain relatively anonymous. 

Give it a read on Medium today, and be sure to press the 'Recommend' button at the end of the article if you enjoyed it! 

Update: Looks like the interview is Medium's most recommended read today! Interesting side note, there: most of the other recommended articles are less than five-minute reads... while mine is forty-nine minutes long. Long live the long, long, long read!