Greatfall is in this week's Kindle Select

I didn't even know this was a thing -- which I suppose means I'm way more out of touch than I should be about tracking my book's performance and such -- but this week, Greatfall  is one of Amazon's recommended titles in the Kindle Select 25! Isn't this cool? 

But perhaps even cooler is some of the company the book is keeping. You can see in the screenshot that it's sitting right next to Redshirts , John Scalzi's terrific sci-fi/comedy novel. But not shown in this screenshot are two excellent novels, like Hugh Howey's Dust  and Steve Kluger's Last Days of Summer .

If you know anything about Greatfall , then you'll understand why it's pretty cool that it's sharing this weekly honor with Hugh's novel. My book is fan fiction that's set in the silos that Hugh created with Wool , Shift  and Dust . Without his books, mine wouldn't exist, and I'd be pretty sad about that.  

Last Days of Summer  -- which is in re-release as an updated version (though I'm not sure what that means, other than there's an author foreword now) -- is one of those books that I pick up again and again. It's possibly one of the best epistolary novels I've ever read -- the story is told entirely through different written elements: letters, interviews, news reports, box scores -- and it's one of those books that is both hilarious and deeply moving. I'm adding a big fat 'buy' button here, because I can't imagine anybody not enjoying this book. 

(Look at that, I turned a celebratory post about my book into a blatant plug for another one that I love. My only excuse is this: I love, love, love books -- and there are so many out there that are far better than my own. Man, if I had a publicist, I'd probably get an angry email after this post.)