Closing in

I began writing Eleanor  thirteen years ago. I was twenty-two years old, and I had a very different story in mind when I began. Today I turn thirty-five, and the book has evolved a dozen times since then – has briefly even been a graphic novel – and has finally taken a shape that I'm extraordinarily pleased with. 


And it's almost done. 

Well, let me be fair -- in its final incarnation, the story is a trilogy. And the first book of that series is almost done. In fact, it'll likely be done tomorrow.  

Tomorrow .

I can't even put into words how good that feels. If I never achieve anything else as a writer, finishing this story will be enough.  

Not that I'll quit or anything. I do have other ideas. Not to mention a whole other trilogy that needs to be finished (hang in there, Movement  fans!).

Tomorrow !

In the meantime, I still need a few more beta readers. If you're interested in reading this draft of Eleanor , and in providing constructive feedback about the story, please contact me.