Jason Gurley

By day, I'm a user experience designer; by evenings/weekends, I write novels from my home in Scappoose, Ore. My newest is Awake in the World, published February 2019 by Roaring Brook Press; my previous novel, Eleanor, was published by Crown in 2016 and has since been translated into German, Portuguese, and Turkish. I’m currently working on a new project.

OryCon 36

Next week I'll be attending OryCon, our fine state's own science fiction and fantasy convention. I've never been to OryCon before, so if you happen to attend and bump into a bumbling bearded bald fellow, be kind and show him around. 

OryCon starts on Friday, November 7, and ends on the afternoon of Sunday, November 9. I'll be participating in a number of panels, readings, signings, etc. Here's my own schedule, if you happen to stop by and feel like heckling:

Friday, November 7

The Death of the Stand-Alone Book
Trilogies, tetralogies — we're not even sure of the right names for five-, six-, seven-book series! Where does the madness end? Is there no market anymore for non-series books? 
Fellow panelists: Alma Alexander, David Bara, Frog Jones

Magical Realism: All You Ever Wanted to Know
Red-hot and ready to be explained!
Fellow panelists: Jason V. Brock, Leah Cutter

Saturday, November 8

Autograph Session 2
Get your books (or whatever) signed by your favorite authors!
Joined by: Alma Alexander, Bruce Taylor, Jennifer Willis

Sunday, November 9

Writing in Other Peoples' Worlds
The fine art of franchise writing: working with established universes like Star Trek, Star Wars and more, including the new Kindle Worlds licensed fan fiction program.
Fellow panelists: Robert Plamondon, Wendy N. Wagner, Erik Wecks

Synopses, Summaries, Book Descriptions and Other Horrors
Few things exasperate writers more than condensing their masterworks into a single-page synopsis — or worse, a 150-word book description! What to include, what to exclude, and strategies to keep it fresh and reveal your voice without sounding unprofessional.
Fellow panelists: John C. Bunnell, Matthew Hughes, Bill Johnson, MeiLin Miranda

Author Reading: Jason Gurley
Jason Gurley reads from and discusses Eleanor

Authorfest 8 (at Powell's Books, Cedar Hills)
Join a slew of science fiction and fantasy authors from the Pacific Northwest at Powell's Cedar Hills as they sign books and meet with readers. Among the attendees: Annie Bellet, Brent Weeks, Daniel H. Wilson and over twenty other authors.

Learning to be serious

A series of Octobers