A Greatfall giveaway, and some other stuff

The ridiculously generous and lovely folks at Amazon are way, way too good to me. Barely a month after selecting Greatfall as a Kindle Daily Deal, they're now running a contest to give away free copies of my book. The deadline to enter is April 1 – I'd give you more details here, but they've summarized everything quite nicely in this Kindle Worlds blog post. Head over there to learn how to enter!

If you subscribe to my newsletter – and goodness knows you should, I practically give away books like candy to subscribers – then you already know this... but if you don't: Amazon also commissioned me to write the first piece of fan fiction for their recently opened Veronica Mars world! Felicia and I are big fans of the show, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to write a story about some of our favorite characters. I took a shot in the dark that there were more people out there just like me, people who wanted to see some of the show's secondary characters get their turn in the spotlight, so instead of writing a story about Veronica, I wrote a story about Vinnie Van Lowe, morally bankrupt private eye extraordinaire. The story – oh, it's called Neptune Confidential, btw, keeping with the show's storied tradition of winking at other popular culture in its episode names – debuted in Kindle Worlds's top ten, and is still hanging out there now, rubbing shoulders with Greatfall.

And finally, after having written a number of short stories this year, I've decided to gather them all up into a collection. The book will be called Deep Breath Hold Tight. After studying the stories that I wanted to include – everything from Wolf Skin to The Caretaker – it became very clear that they all shared one strong theme: in one way or another, they're each stories about how humans face endings. The end of love, the end of the world, the end of life. They're also, now and then, about beginnings, but nobody wants to see that on a book cover. So: Deep Breath Hold Tight: Stories About the End of Everything is the official title. 

Some other fun stuff going on:

  • The extremely awesome John Joseph Adams, anthologist of the stars, has invited me to be a last-second addition to his Kickstarter anthology, Help Fund My Robot Army!!! The book is sure to be jam-packed with mad scientists and psychotic robots... so naturally I'm going to write a sad tale of woe. (I also designed the cover.) The book is going to include stories by everyone from Chuck Wendig to Daniel H. Wilson to Scott Sigler to Seanan McGuire. I definitely don't know what I'm doing here!
  • The Man Who Ended the World is two reviews away from 100! 
  • Win Johnson wrote a lovely review of The Dark Age for Big Al's Books and Pals this week. This little story just keeps right on connecting with people in such wonderful ways. (It's also going to appear in a time travel anthology later this year, the better to find even more readers.)