Deep Breath Hold Tight available for preorder

So this is a first: one of my new books is available for preorder on AmazonDeep Breath Hold Tight is a collection of short stories about the end of everything. Serious, serious stuff, man. 

Preorder is a nifty tool, and I'm excited to have access to it. Being able to set a publication date, and make the book available for orders, means that readers don't have to work so hard to remember that the book is coming out in the future. They can order it now, and ta-da, the magical Amazon gnomes do the rest. It also means I have a lot of time to spread the word about the book, and a place to point readers to. 

Hope you'll be one of the readers who clicks the button early! 

By the way, here's one of the perks of subscribing to my little newsletter – right after Deep Breath became available for preorder, each and every one of my subscribers got an advance ebook copy of the book for free. No kidding, no strings, just a good book as thanks for supporting indie authors like me. Maybe you should subscribe, too!

Come May 13th, Deep Breath Hold Tight will be available to the rest of the world. Super excited to announce it today, though. I hope you'll pick up a copy, now or then!