Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor

A bit of an update:

Eleanor is ridiculously close to completion – maybe just eight or ten thousand words, even. After all these years – I've been thinking that it's been fourteen years, but turns out I'm bad at math, and it's only thirteen – I don't really know how to feel about finishing the book. I mean, I suppose I'll know how I feel when I actually finish it, as opposed to right now, when I haven't yet finished it. 

I've promised to send it to my editor by May 1. The dashing and talented David Gatewood, who edits Hugh Howey's novels as well as From the Indie Side and Synchronic, two anthologies I've participated in, will be trying to turn Eleanor from what is likely a muddled mess into a passable book. 

God, what if it really is a muddled mess?

I like it better when I'm writing and publishing in a few months' time. This decade-plus business is for the birds. 

In any case, once I know how much of a muddled mess the book is, I'll set a release date and get the thing up on Amazon and other stores for preorder. But before I do that, I just wanted to share the cover that Eleanor will most likely be launching with:

Lovely, isn't it? It's a bit more hopeful, I think, than the previous cover that I designed, which was wonderfully gloomy and foreboding, and didn't include a hint of our heroine:

And that cover was an improvement over the original trifecta that I designed when I had entertained the idea of publishing Eleanor as a serial:

Frankly, I love them all. But the latest one, I think, provides just the right blend of magic, character, and setting. 

Boy, I hope people like this book.