Eleanor is available for preorder!

  Available for preorder now , and out on June 27!

Available for preorder now, and out on June 27!

June 27, 2014. 

I swear when I started writing Eleanor in 2001, I did not expect 20-freaking-14 to be the end of the journey. But that's how it worked out. And that's the date that the book will be released. June 27, just a month and a half from now. 

There's almost nothing I want more than to see this book do well. It's incredibly different from the books that I've published in the past eighteen months. I sure hope it's a left turn that people are willing to take with me. 

The ebook is on Amazon now, available for preorder. The paperback edition will follow in a couple of weeks. I hope you'll sign up for a copy now, and enjoy it on launch day!

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