Free copies of Eleanor!

Well, we're almost there. While Eleanor isn't officially released until June 27, I'll be sending free advance copies of the novel to my newsletter in a few days. We're going to try something exciting here – we're going to try to get Eleanor to fifty reviews on Amazon by (or before) launch day. 

That might be an entirely unrealistic goal -- especially for an unknown author like yours truly -- but that's the goal. Fifty reviews. Right now, there are twelve, so only thirty-eight to go!

One reason that I think this might be possible – that there might be an outside chance we can make this happen – is that a whole bunch of people are signing up for the newsletter every day. We're up to nearly eight hundred subscribers! If even a fraction of my readers decide to review the book, we should be able to hit that goal without a problem.

If you'd like an early copy of Eleanor, and you can help us hit our ambitious review goal in the next month, I hope you'll sign up for the newsletter and help! (You'll get a free copy of a short story right away, and in the future, you'll get free copies of almost every new book I write, before it's published. So it's totally worth it!)

Think we can pull this off?