Jason Gurley

By day, I'm a user experience designer; by evenings/weekends, I write novels from my home in Scappoose, Ore. My newest is Awake in the World, published February 2019 by Roaring Brook Press; my previous novel, Eleanor, was published by Crown in 2016 and has since been translated into German, Portuguese, and Turkish. I’m currently working on a new project.

The Eleanor Sketches

Preorder  Eleanor  and  The Eleanor Sketches  is yours for free.

Preorder Eleanor and The Eleanor Sketches is yours for free.

Thirteen years is a long time to write a novel. I began writing Eleanor in 2001, two months after the World Trade Center attacks. I was listening to bands like Cake and Third Eye Blind in those days. The Lord of the Rings movies were not yet released. And I was writing Eleanor

To get to know the character, I wrote a lot of what I called "the Eleanor sketches". These were short fictions about Eleanor that wouldn't necessarily appear in the novel, but helped me understand how she might respond to different things. It helped me play out scenes that wouldn't work in the book, but that I wanted to see anyway.

For years, those sketches lived on my now-defunct blog, Deeplyshallow. There were about fifty of them, I think, but some disappeared, and now there are about thirty left. They're fascinating little artifacts of the novel that Eleanor might have become, and they're nothing at all like the novel that it did become. 

So I've collected these sketches into an ebook, appropriately named The Eleanor Sketches, and I'm giving it away for free to anyone who preorders Eleanor from Amazon before launch day (June 27). 

Here's how this will work:

  1. If you haven't already, preorder Eleanor from Amazon. (A side note here: If you preorder the paperback, then on launch day, Amazon will make the ebook available to you for free, via Kindle MatchBook. Which means you'll have two copies! And extra books make great gifts.)
  2. Email a copy of your purchase receipt to me at arroway78 (at) gmail. Feel free to snip out any personal info – all I need to see is proof that you've ordered the book.
  3. I'll send you a download link for The Eleanor Sketches in response. 
  4. No step four. That's all there is!

This is my way of thanking those who have taken a chance on both me and my long-overdue, still-unpublished novel. I appreciate your support, and just wanted to give a little something back. 

I should mention, by the way, that The Eleanor Sketches is a one-time affair. When Eleanor is released on 6/27, this bonus ebook will disappear into the dark void of history, never to surface again. If you want a copy, now's the time to get it. It won't be available for sale anyplace else, ever. 

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