Jason Gurley

By day, I'm a user experience designer; by evenings/weekends, I write novels from my home in Scappoose, Ore. My newest is Awake in the World, published February 2019 by Roaring Brook Press; my previous novel, Eleanor, was published by Crown in 2016 and has since been translated into German, Portuguese, and Turkish. I’m currently working on a new project.

Two weeks!

Two weeks from yesterday, 12/29, Eleanor will be available in bookstores all over the place. The date's fast approaching—faster than I thought it would—and I'm extremely excited for it to arrive. Can't wait to walk into Powell's and see the book there for the first time. Can't wait to meet readers at the launch event. 

Meanwhile, the UK is preparing its own hardcover launch for March, and some of the fine folks there are sharing snapshots of the book on Instagram.

From @caitodavies:

And from @katiemorwenna:

The Powell's event is going to be lots of fun. Felicia and I went book-shopping there recently, and to our surprise, the January event calendar was already available, and we spotted my name on the third-floor author events board:

And the following day, this appeared in Portland Monthly

As exciting as all of this is, though, the best part of the recent holiday break is, hands-down, Squish's interpretation of the holiday classic "Jingle Bells" while hard at work puncturing boxes with a wooden screwdriver:

Just noticed that embedding Instagram images in a blog post doesn't actually link you to the source, and doesn't play video. Boo, Squarespace. So here's a link to Squish singing "Jingle Bells," over on my own Instagram page. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and that 2016 rocks your smocks off. 



One week!