Jason Gurley

By day, I'm a user experience designer; by evenings/weekends, I write novels from my home in Scappoose, Ore. My newest is Awake in the World, published February 2019 by Roaring Brook Press; my previous novel, Eleanor, was published by Crown in 2016 and has since been translated into German, Portuguese, and Turkish. I’m currently working on a new project.

Knitters and Eleanor

I'm totally going to talk about knitters for a minute. 

Since I met my wife Felicia in 2007, knitters and knitted things have become a very big part of my life. My daughter and I are professional knitted-things-wearers. Here's Squish looking adorable in one of the thousands of hats that Felicia has knitted for her, for example:

And here's me, from one of the not-half-bad photographs shot by my friend Rodrigo Moyses a year or two ago. Note the hat Felicia made for me: 

And here's Felicia, hanging out with her friend (and New York Times bestseller!) Clara, who writes wonderful books about knitting:

Many of our best friends are knitters. I've spent months of my life, once you add up all of the different days and hours, visiting knitting and fiber conventions with Felicia. I've been to Stitches with her at least three or four times, and plenty of other regional events. I'm asked my opinion on colors all the time. "Feel this," she'll say sometimes, just before smushing a skein of yarn against my cheek. I can tell you all the best yarn shops (hint: usually the ones with great couches or armchairs). I've even tried to learn to knit, and succeeded, and then forgotten everything I learned. But I'm happy to leave that to Felicia, who is simply magical with a pair of needles in her hands. 

Back in 2012, I'd taken a big break from writing Eleanor, at least in novel form. I'd been adapting it as a comic for a couple of years. Felicia and I had traveled to Friday Harbor, a pretty little town in the San Juan Islands in Washington, so she could attend a knitting retreat with Cat Bordhi. I spent my time working on the comic, sketching and inking and lettering and such, and driving around the island. Cat took an interest in what I was up to, and knitting even worked its way into the story of the comic:

After all of this, I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when knitters also turned out to be enthusiastic supporters of the novel. If you poke around on Instagram long enough, you'll stumble across knitters who are in the midst of reading the book, staging beautiful scenes with the novel and their works-in-progress. I've been overwhelmed by their advocacy for this book, sharing it among themselves, raving about it. Here are just a few of my favorites.

From Oocha:

From hikozoart

From lynaiyarns

And of course from my lovely feliciacakes, who got the very first physical copy, and to whom (along with Squish) the book is dedicated: 

I suppose I've rambled on long enough, but I just couldn't let another day slip by without expressing my gratitude to all of the creative and supportive knitters out there who have adopted my book. 

Knitters really are the best humans. And if nobody's said that before, I'm saying it now. 

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