The Colonists is now available

BookCover-TheColonistsI don't think I make you folks wait long enough. Shame on me, I guess? But I'm not wild about dragging things out, or stringing people along. The Colonists is available now on Amazon!

This is, for the record, the second book in The Movement Trilogy. It goes to some dark places -- some I expected, some I didn't. I had a lot of fun with this one, and after one particularly painful scene, had to go hug my fifteen-month-old daughter.

Here's what it's about:

Earth has become an artifact of history. Children are no longer taught that it is the birthplace of mankind. For them, history begins with the Citadel, the enormous institution that governs the system with a heavy, vicious fist.

Three hundred years have passed since the events of Book 1. The Machine class, oppressed and broken, has scattered throughout the system, building outposts and colonies on every surface they can find. They rely upon the Onyx class, the privileged ones, for sustenance.

But the most brutal attack in human history relights the fuse of war between the two classes, and rebellions break out on every moon, planet and rock between Earth and the stars. And somewhere in the chaos, Tasneem Kyoh and David Dewbury still fight for mankind's future... a new Earth, and a new beginning.

At least, that's the official blurb. Readers who have read the The Settlers seem mostly curious about one thing: will Tasneem return in the second book?

Yes. Tasneem's back, and since three hundred years have passed, she's a little older, a little wiser, and, oddly enough, kind of pissed-off about how history has unfolded.

The Colonists will be free on Amazon starting Monday and ending Friday, so be sure to pick it up and leave a review once you've finished it. And by the way, I've set up a mailing list so you won't miss the launch of any new books -- including The Travelers, the final book in the series. You can sign up here. I promise not to waste your time.