Part 1 of Greatfall is available

BookCover_Part1I'm happy to join the ranks of the other talented authors who have already begun exploring Hugh Howey's universe of Wool. Today, the first installment of my silo novel, Greatfall, has gone on sale at Amazon. At 99 cents, it's a steal. Here's the synopsis:

What happens when a silo goes dark -- willingly? Maya has been sent to Silo 23 to investigate. Disconnected from the grid, the silo appears to be dead, rotted from the inside. What Maya finds is a silo that is anything but deceased.

Shut off from the outside world and other silos, Silo 23 has evolved into something unexpected, and something more fearsome than Maya could have anticipated.

If you're a fan of Wool, I hope you'll find yourself right at home in this dark corner of that world. I promise you a bloody, satisfying ride.

Grab your copy here!