Well, this happened


This has been one hell of an interesting month. Not too long ago I was posting about one of my first milestones as an indie author. Now, just a week or so later, the mild success of Greatfall has nudged me onto Amazon's list of top 100 science fiction authors. I'm well aware that this is a temporary honor, and that tomorrow I'll be #432 again, but for the moment, this feels very, very nice.

I love the serendipity of being pinned between two authors whose books I've always loved, but particularly Bradbury, whose The Martian Chronicles is not only one of my favorite books of all time, but which also deeply inspired my Movement Trilogy.

On another note, it felt very good to pass 1,000 books sold. Which means that it feels exponentially more gooder -- yes, more gooder -- to have passed 1,000 books sold this month. April has been the best month I've had in my short indie career -- as of today, I've sold just under 1,200 books since April 1, and there are still a few days to go before May resets the clock.

To every single one of you who has purchased one of my books, I just want to say thank you. You're making an unknown writer's tiny little dream more of a reality every single day.