An update, and hi!

Once upon a time I kept a blog. I wrote not weekly, not daily, but three, four times a day. I wrote about almost anything that occurred to me -- anything from what I thought about a movie I'd just seen to various writing experiments. I don't do that any more. It's exhausting, and I would rather post the occasional update here and keep my focus on the books. (Nobody's complaining about my not blogging, for the record.) But: I do stay fairly active online, chatting with readers and new people I meet all the time. Here's where you can find me most often:

  • Twitter. I'm @jgurley! Come say hi.
  • Facebook. I keep my personal page private, but I've started an author page. Like it if you want to get updates!
  • Google+. I'm slowly resurrecting this, as I haven't really used it in more than a year. If you're there, add me!

There are a dozen other places that I could be active, but I find that three is enough.

Now: an update on the book!

Greatfall has been doing very well, and readers have been extremely kind with their reviews, and I appreciate every single person who has bought a copy. You are all my best friends now. Thank you!

Some of you are anxiously waiting for the final installment, Part 3. It's very nearly done, and it's the longest installment yet. (Part 1 was about 17,000 words. Part 2 was about 22,000. For comparison, Part 3 is currently 28,500 words and still not finished.) It's going to be a nice, meaty conclusion to the story, and I hope you all like it.

BookCover_OmnibusA few people have asked if I plan to collect the installments into a single volume. I'm giving this some thought, but it seems likely. (Hell, I've already designed a cover for it. I like it too much not to publish the collected volume.) I'm also planning to include a little bonus story in that volume. That bonus is just that -- it's not essential to the story, but I suspect some of you may find it very, very satisfying to read.

I've got a few thousand words left to write in Part 3, and then I'll be publishing it shortly after. It's probably fair to say that it'll be out in the next 7-10 days. (And if it's not, I expect you to beat down my door and find out why.)

Now, come find me online and say hi!