Greatfall is finished

Here's how it started. Someone told me about Wool. I read it. I met Hugh Howey when he came to Portland for an event. At dinner, I told him that his sure-why-not approach to other writers writing and selling fanfiction set in his universe was appealing, and that I might give it a shot. I started working on Greatfall at the end of March, just under two months ago. Part 1 was out just five days later; Part 2 followed three weeks after that. Part 3 has been a little harder to write, and I've experienced a bit of internal angst for the first time. OMG, what if everyone who liked the first two parts hates the last part? What if I screw up the ending? What if I forget to close the loop on my dozen dangling plot threads?

BookCover_Part3So it took a little longer. Part 3 took about a month to write, and as of tonight, it's finished. The draft is out to some dedicated beta readers. They've been instructed to help me make sure the answers to those questions above are: They won't. You didn't. Again, you didn't. I'm hoping to release Part 3 by next weekend, assuming these excellent beta readers don't report back to tell me that I've forgotten to write my protagonist into the story.

I'm really excited to get this one out there, for a couple of reasons. First, I'm hoping it's pretty good. A lot of people seemed to like the first installments, and I'm really hoping that this ending makes them happy. Second, I'm kind of excited to get back to my own stories. I've thought about sticking around the Woolverse a little longer, maybe to tell one more story... but my characters from the Movement Trilogy are kicking me, and I'm kind of interested to see what happens after that giant-ass cliffhanger I left them with in The Colonists.

Oh, and here's the other crazy thing about finishing Greatfall. It turned out to be a longer story than I expected. See, I figured it would be a short novel -- that's what I called it when I started writing it -- but it's turned out longer than all of my other titles. I got curious, and I started adding things up... and as it happens, in the last six months I have written and published (well, with Part 3) nearly a quarter-million words. Two hundred thirty thousand words, folks. I think I wrote that many words on Eleanor, but that was over the span of twelve years, and I never finished the story.

2013 has turned out to be a pretty fine year so far. I wonder what the second half is going to bring?