The conclusion to Greatfall is available now

BookCover_Part3Well, it's over. I certainly didn't mean to have this much fun writing a book in Hugh Howey's universe -- hell, I didn't intend to write a book, just a good story. But it's finished now. Today the finale of Greatfall was released on Amazon. Which means I need to figure out what I'm writing next. The Travelers? The first installment of my Eleanor series? That long-dormant idea about Jesus finding his own face in a slice of toast, then eating it and bringing about the end of the universe?

This last installment of Greatfall is very long -- it's longer than the first two parts put together. Some wonderful readers spent some time with the story before I published it, and had some really terrific things to say about it. (They also managed to spot some horrible, egregious errors -- at one point I think Matthew started speaking in pig Latin -- and I'm indebted to them for making me look good.) Max Zaoui, Stefano Scaglione, Richard Leslie, Patrice Fitzgerald and Jason Fuhrman: thanks for all of your help!

So check out the ending! My hope is that you'll be satisfied with this epic conclusion -- and maybe just a little bit pissed-off, too. I know I was.

Happy reading!