Exploring new worlds

kindleworldslogo._V383881373_Well, hey, this is pretty exciting stuff: Greatfall is now a part of Kindle Worlds, Amazon's new publishing imprint for fan fiction. Hugh Howey has licensed his Woolverse, under the name Silo Saga, to Worlds -- meaning Greatfall doesn't have to be alone in this. You can write your own silo stories, too, and publish them in Kindle Worlds. In fact, you can write stories set in Silo 23, just like Greatfall, if you want to. Didn't like Maya? You can totally kill her off. Think Silo 23 is a pagan nightmare? You can convert the entire thing to Catholicism if you like. Greatfall is fair game, as are any other books that appear in the Silo Saga world. Each of the Greatfall books is the same title -- nothing has changed except for the price, which is now out of my hands. Amazon prices their Worlds titles a little differently, and these prices are based on length. So you'll see the individual installments of the story rise to $1.99 apiece. The complete novel will increase to $3.99, cheaper than the three individual pieces. Meanwhile, the royalty percentage changes a bit, and I'll make a little less on each sale.

So why do this? Well, Amazon has a vested interest in Kindle Worlds, and can likely sell many more copies of my stories than I've sold so far. (Although I have to say, I've been extremely happy with how many readers have purchased and read Greatfall to-date -- the last time I counted, more than 8,800 copies had been sold.) I also didn't write Greatfall to make money. I wrote it because I thought I had an interesting story to tell, and that Wool readers might enjoy it.

The other reason that I81NN-y0aCzL._SL1500_ wanted to bring Greatfall into Kindle Worlds was to delineate it, just a bit, from the other books I'm writing. You'll still see my books appear side-by-side on my author page on Amazon, but Greatfall's covers will boast a Kindle Worlds logo now. I wanted to make it clear to readers that the series is a little different from The Man Who Ended the World, or my in-progress Movement and Eleanor series. It's fair to characterize Greatfall as a bit of a lark -- a fun afternoon I spent throwing around dirt in Hugh's very cool sandbox -- while my other titles are more personal, and feature worlds that I've conceived of myself.

If you haven't already given Greatfall a read, check it out now in Kindle Worlds -- and while you're there, poke around a bit. You'll find other silo stories appearing there -- Fredric Shernoff's Angels of the Earth is already there, and Thomas Robins' Underground series will be appearing shortly -- but you'll also find stories written in other worlds, from Neal Stephenson's Foreworld Saga to The Vampire Diaries.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this, appreciative of Hugh's continued support of Wool fan fiction, and excited to see what Amazon does with Worlds from here forward. I have a feeling this is just getting started.

Note: Kindle Worlds is a US-only program, I have discovered. I'm attempting to find out how soon Amazon will roll these books out to the rest of the world. In the meantime, however, if you are unable to purchase Greatfall, please email me (arroway78 at gmail) and I will send you a copy.