Small victories

Like most other self-published authors, I've read up on the great success stories. Amanda Hocking. J.A. Konrath. Hugh Howey. I've read their blogs, their interviews. The common thread seems to be: none of them expected their success, and they started small. So today I'm counting one of those small victories.

I keep a fairly close eye on how well The Man Who Ended the World is doing in the various marketplaces where it's available. It does pretty well on Amazon, considering that I'm an unknown. It does significantly less well on iBooks, where the ability to discover new books is less organic; it does much less well on the Nook; and it hasn't sold a single copy on Kobo. I'm okay with all of that, because it's doing pretty well for the Kindle, where the vast majority of readers are.

903In any case, today's small victory is this: The Man Who Ended the World is the 903rd most popular science fiction book for the Kindle today.

I don't know how many sci-fi books exist for the Kindle, but my guess is six hundred billion or so. (Give or take a few hundred billion.)

Whoever is 902nd most popular better look out, yo. I'm a-comin' for you.