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Portland, OR

Jason Gurley is a bestselling author and designer from Portland, Oregon.



I'm an author from Portland, OR, with a couple of bestselling books to my name, and some other ones. Thanks for stopping by! While you're here, sign up for my newsletter—I have a bad habit of giving books (and Kindles) away to subscribers. 

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UK and Brazil Rights Sold

On the Eleanor front, there are new developments that are just... they're ridiculously exciting. With another preemptive offer, HarperCollins UK has secured the rights to Eleanor! While Crown Publishing brings the book out in the U.S., our friends on the other side of the Atlantic will have a beautiful copy of their own to have and hold. If you'd told me a year ago that this would happen, I probably would have laughed... 

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Eleanor acquired by Crown

I’ve told the story a few times now: How I dreamed up the first sentence of a book during a road trip in 2001, then spent the next thirteen years shaping that story into Eleanor, with some detours and heartaches along the way. I self-published the novel in June, and it became an Amazon bestseller in August, and started collecting wonderful reviews from readers... 

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