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About me

I'm a husband, a dad, a product designer, and a writer. Being those four people consumes most of my time, but in the spaces between I manage to be a semi-competent drummer and a pencil collector.

I was born in Texas, and for most of my youth ricocheted between there and Alaska; in my twenties, I spent a little time in Nevada, Washington, and California, too. These days, my family and I life in Scappoose, Oregon, on a wooded hill. On clear days, and at just the right angle, I can see Mts. Hood, St. Helens, and Adams from here.

My writing practice began in high school, in Mrs. Gruhn's creative writing class, and soon after graduation I began trying my hand at novels. My first novel began each chapter with a Counting Crows lyric, and after stuffing that book into a drawer, I wrote a few more practice novels.

In 2001, I started the long journey of writing Eleanor. In 2014, I self-published the novel; in 2016, it was formally published by Crown. It has since been translated into German, Turkish, and Portuguese. In 2019, Roaring Brook published my first young adult novel, Awake in the World.

Between 2012 and 2014, I self-published several novels, including Greatfall, set in the dystopian world of Hugh Howey's Wool, and a short fiction collection, Deep Breath Hold Tight. My stories have appeared in Lightspeed and the anthologies Loosed Upon the World and Help Fund My Robot Army!!!

I've been tracking my reading habits on this site for the last several years; you can see what books I've been reading here.

I'm presently working on two novels, including The Dark Age, an adaptation of my short story of the same name.