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Jason Gurley

Hi, I'm Jason.

I've written a few books, such as Awake in the World and Eleanor. I also write a newsletter, Letters from Hill House, about life and work. I live on a hill in Scappoose, Oregon, where I design software and write fiction. I'm a husband and a dad, a semi-competent drummer, a compulsive pencil collector, and a big fan of three-hour-long mid-afternoon naps.

What I'm working on

Presently I'm working on The Dark Age, a novel adaptation and expansion of a short story I wrote several years ago. As the book develops, I'm sharing my experiences writing it in my newsletter.

What I'm reading
  • The Candy House, Jennifer Egan
  • In, Will McPhail
  • Minecraft: The End, Catherynne M. Valente

(See my full reading list.)

Recent Posts

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The math of morning routines

Mornings are my favorite part of any day. When a morning goes well—by which I mean, when all of the pieces of my routine click into place—I tend to have a pretty good day. If I miss a step or two, though, it can throw everything off. I

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Neither here nor there

To my amazement, waking early, then doing a medium amount of work on Project A, then a small amount of work on Project B, seems to be working. (On weekends I do a large amount of Project A, and stick with small amounts on Project B.)  Sea of Tranquility is

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Squish at the (home) movies

Recently, for family movie night, the fam selected Dune. None of us had seen it. I did some quick research: Appropriate for a ten-year-old? I mean, she's seen Lord of the Rings, and Jaws, and other such things. I learned that there was one brutal-ish death in the movie, and

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Leaving a little want-to

I've just spent the weekend putting miles on my keyboard. My hands don't hurt, but they've gotten clumsy. More and more words came out with transposed letters. My word count plummeted. I developed a headache from all of the screen-staring. There haven't been many happy writing stretches in the last

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Quote wall: Natalia Ginzburg

On the bulletin board above my desk, I keep a handful of quotes that have taught me something, or that I hope to learn from. Here's one: When I write something I usually think it is very important and that I am a very fine writer. I think this happens