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Jason Gurley

Hi, I'm Jason.

I've written a few books, such as Awake in the World and Eleanor. I also write a newsletter, Letters from Hill House, about life and work. I live with my family on a hill in Scappoose, Oregon, where I work as head of design for an AI startup by day and write fiction by night. I'm a compulsive doodler, a semi-competent drummer, a pencil collector, a former picky eater turned food adventurer, and a fan of nice long walks. More about me.

What's new

The Edge of Sleep, an adaptation of the hit horror podcast, is now available from St. Martin's Press!

What I'm working on

Presently I'm working on The Dark Age, a novel adaptation and expansion of a short story I wrote several years ago. As the book develops, I'm sharing my experiences writing it in my newsletter.

What I'm reading
  • Dept. of Speculation, Jenny Offill

(See my full reading list.)

Recent Posts

My elegant universe

Sometimes you don't plan a thing for your weekend, and the weekend just rises up to meet you, and everything is just...wonderful. My weekend was like that. No big, spectacular plans. Just a succession of small, pleasant moments. Any one of them would have been the highlight of the

Shake me up

A couple of weeks ago I had oral surgery. I was pretty concerned about this event; there was some risk my sinus might explode during the surgery. It didn't! But there was a bone graft involved, and some mention of the boundary between my mouth and sinus being paper-thin, so

Floating head, in graphite

Last month I mentioned I've been illustrating issues of Letters from Hill House recently. I've been tinkering with the medium, the level of detail, how casual or intentional it all feels. Was really pleased with the latest one. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy doodling with pencils. I'm giving some