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Playing the children's game

Every Thursday night, Felicia and Squish and I watch a movie together. We take turns selecting something to watch. Sometimes it's a legitimately great movie; other times it's pure adrenaline or silliness. At the start of each month, I'll doodle a fresh "schedule&

Neither here nor there

* To my amazement, waking early, then doing a medium amount of work on Project A, then a small amount of work on Project B, seems to be working. (On weekends I do a large amount of Project A, and stick with small amounts on Project B.) * Sea of Tranquility [https:

Squish at the (home) movies

Recently, for family movie night, the fam selected Dune. None of us had seen it. I did some quick research: Appropriate for a ten-year-old? I mean, she's seen Lord of the Rings, and Jaws, and other such things. I learned that there was one brutal-ish death in the

Shoeless Joe

In Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) tells his wife, Annie (Amy Madigan), about Shoeless Joe Jackson: > My father said he saw him years later, playing under a made-up name in some tenth-rate league in Carolina. He'd put on fifty pounds, and the spring was gone

Love or fear

Last week I listened to an episode of Off Camera, in which Sam Jones interviewed Rashida Jones [] about her life and career. At one point, asked how she made some career choices, Jones said her father, legendary music producer Quincy Jones, had

A grumpy daemon

This weekend, Squish and I watched the 2007 movie The Golden Compass, based on the first novel in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. While the movie is not terribly beloved, Squish was enthralled. She was heartbroken to learn that there are no sequels (and only mildly reassured

Are you not entertained?

The books I choose to read at any given moment are often thematically linked; when I enjoy a terrific epistolary novel, I look for another epistolary novel next. A great nonfiction book about politics will often guide me to another related political subject. Lately my movie-watching has taken an unexpected