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the edge of sleep

When you're up, you celebrate

Publishing can be a fickle business, someone once told me, so you have to make sure you celebrate every little positive thing that happens. Embrace the highs, because there are a lot of lows. On Tuesday, The Edge of Sleep was released. Publication day is always a high, so we

The Edge of Sleep is here!

Hi, friends! Today, I'm thrilled to announce, is publication day for The Edge of Sleep! I'm pretty proud of this novel, and it's unlike anything I've been a part of before. If you're a podcast listener, you may have come

Preorder The Edge of Sleep for 25% off

A quick bonus post this week to share a special offer from Barnes & Noble: From Wednesday, 1/25, to Friday, 1/27, you can get 25% off all Barnes & Noble preorders using the code PREORDER25! Secure your copy of The Edge of Sleep today! Here are a few

The Edge of Sleep

Happy to share a little book announcement here! The Edge of Sleep, coming June 2023The Edge of Sleep is an adaptation of the hit horror podcast []. Jake Emanuel and Willie Block—creators of the podcast and its upcoming TV adaptation—invited me to join them in